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Why maintain commercial refrigeration?

Repair costs are not the only costs to consider in a commercial refrigeration system breakdown. Additional points to consider when deciding on a maintenance program include:

  • Loss of stock
  • Loss of trade
  • Loss of reputation
  • Increased insurance premiums

Proactive maintenance programs are designed to reduce breakdowns and optimize system performance. Regular commercial refrigeration system inspections can identify and monitor minor system faults before breakdowns occur. Corrective action can then be taken or budgeted for at your convenience. Mercury Refrigeration and Air Conditioning offers comprehensive maintenance programs individually tailored to suit your needs.

Keep your refrigeration plant and equipment operating at peak performance levels with Newcastle’s best refrigeration technicians. Annual refrigeration maintenance inspections can be carried out for commercial clients, however we recommend bi annual (pre-summer and pre-winter) refrigeration maintenance inspections to minimise breakdows and running costs.

Refrigeration maintenance checklist

As part of an refrigeration preventative maintenance program we:

  • General system inspection and corrosion check
  • Check system operation
  • Check / clean condensate drain lines
  • Check evaporator coils and condensate trays
  • Check / clean condenser coils
  • Check fan motor operation
  • Check drive belts and grease bearings if applicable
  • Check power supply
  • Check electrical systems and electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant charges and moisture indicators
  • Check and adjust thermostat / defrost timer settings as required
  • Check heater elements and cables
  • Check lighting systems
  • Check door seals
  • Check entrapment alarms
  • Check hinges, latches, drawer slides
  • Provide system operation report and recommend repairs or replacement as required

Ice Machine Maintenance

No need to maintain an ice machine, right? Wrong.

When it comes to ice machines, many people mistakenly think that ice machines require no maintenance. This is far from the truth.

The fact is that ice machines can, over time, become a breeding ground for bacteria and slime. This unwanted (and franky, disgusting) build-up  then comes in direct contact with the ice that is used in your food and drinks. So where do you think all that slime and bacteria end up? If you could see inside an ice machine, you may reconsider using the ice it produces.

Don't risk the health of your patrons and staff. Have your ice machine maintained and cleaned regularly by qualified ice machine professionals.
Mercury technicians have been servicing, maintaining and repairing ice machines for over 30 years. Get a Mercury ice machine expert to clean and service your ice machine to avoid food contamination.

Flexible refrigeration maintenance programs


We understand that refrigeration system breakdowns are not just inconvenient, they can directly affect the business bottom line. A refrigeration maintenance program can prevent this from occurring. Mercury can recommend a preventative maintenance program designed to keep your refrigeration system operating at its peak performance.

Have Mercury Refrigeration and Air Conditioning assess your existing refrigeration system for a free no obligation quote on an refrigeration maintenance program for your business. Contact us or call 02 4947 7193 now to speak to one of our friendly staff about how we can optimize your refrigeration system performance and save you money.