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Ensure the safety of CO2 storage areas with a CO2  sensor

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a odourless, coulurless gas, with a density of aproximately 60% higher than air. It is commonly used in hospitality venues to carbonate tap beer and post-mix soft drinks. Carbon dioxide is often stored in non-ventilated confined spaces, such as keg rooms and cellars, which can produce a safety hazard if the system develops a leak. High concentrations of CO2 in confined spaces may lead to health problems ranging from nausea, headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and death. 

CO2 monitors are designed to detect the presence of carbon dioxide in the ambient air to protect people in confined spaces. They have an audible alarm and visual indication which will activate when CO2 concentration reached a pre-set level. Detection of high levels of CO2 will also activate a relay that can be used to operate a fan to ventilate the confined space and reduce CO2 levels in the area.

Due to the risks associated with the use of CO2 in cellar areas, the installation of a CO2 monitor in all non-naturally ventilated areas is a mandatory requirement in order to comply with the Australian Beverage Gas Standard AS5043. A CO2 monitor consists of a sensor installed in the confined space (kegroom or cellar) with repeater modules installed on all access doors to provide an alert if a dangerous concentration of CO2 exists before the room is entered.

If you need assistance with a CO2 monitor for your venue, call Newcastle’s trusted name in beer plumbing and beverage systems. Let Mercury’s CO2 monitor specialists assess your needs and help protect your staff and business.

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AS5034 requirements include:

  • Installation of CO2 monitors in all confined spaces where CO2 hazards may exist
  • Bi-annual calibration of all CO2 monitors
  • Warning signs installed at all entrances to confined spaces
  • Regular staff hazard awareness/response training

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