Beer Tap Systems and Beer Plumbing Newcastle

Who hates warm beer? Us Too! There’s nothing better than knocking back a fresh, cold schooner of your favourite ale after work on a hot summer day, and our beer tap systems keep our client’s beer as fresh and cold as possible. When you want the coldest beer in town, trust Mercury beer plumbing technicians to keep the beer just the way you like it, icy cold.

The Art of Beer Plumbing: The Hidden Science Behind a Perfect Pour.

When we think of plumbing, our minds usually conjure images of water pipes, drains, and sewage systems. However, there is a lesser-known aspect of plumbing that plays a crucial role in delivering one of the world’s most beloved beverages – beer plumbing. From the brewery to the tap, a complex network of pipes, , manifolds and valves ensures that beer enthusiasts can enjoy a perfect pour every time.

The intricate journey of beer plumbing commences at the brewery, where the fermented liquid gold is prepared for distribution. Once the beer is ready, it is carefully transported to bars, pubs, and restaurants in stainless steel tanks or kegs. Maintaining the beer’s freshness and quality is vital, and this is where beer plumbing systems come into play.

Within bars and entertainment venues, a dedicated beer line system is installed to ensure the beer travels from the keg to the tap with minimal interference. These systems consist of a series of tubes, connectors, and valves designed specifically for beer dispensing. The tubes are typically made from food-grade materials like polyethylene or PVC, which prevent any undesirable flavors from leaching into the beer.

The beer line system is equipped with refrigeration units and insulation to maintain the beer at the optimal temperature throughout the entire dispensing process. This ensures that the beer retains its desired flavor profile, aroma, and carbonation, resulting in a delightful sensory experience for the consumer.

The final link in the beer plumbing chain is the beer tap. These seemingly simple devices play a crucial role in delivering a perfect pour. Modern beer taps utilize a variety of mechanisms to control the flow and texture of the beer as it exits the tap. Some taps employ nitrogen or carbon dioxide gas to create a creamy and consistent head, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the beer.

Mercury beer plumbing technicians are dedicated to providing Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter clients with the coldest beer around, even on the hottest of summer days. We work diligently behind the scenes, often unnoticed, to ensure that each glass poured is a masterpiece of flavor and enjoyment. Working closely with leading industry suppliers, Mercury offers a comprehensive range of beer system services to the hospitality industry, carried out by a team of highly qualified technicians. To make sure your beer taps are pouring the coldest beer possible, call us anytime on 02 4947 7193 for fast and professional beer tap system installation and service.

Newcastle Beer Tap Systems and Beer Plumbing

Premium beer systems for pubs, clubs and restaurants

cold sweaty copper beer font with beer decals

Beer Plumbing

We can supply major brand quality beverage dispensing equipment:

  • Quality beer system installations
  • Keg room and beer tap maintenance
  • Glycol beer system repairs
  • Single or multi glycol tanks
  • Any size system

From the Keg to the Glass

Premium beer systems for pubs, clubs and restaurants

From the brewery to the bar tap

When your beer system starts dispensing warm, heady beer, don’t panic. Mercury’s experts are already on their way! We understand that few things in a pub or club are more urgent than a faulty beer system so we’ll drop everything and make it our top priority to get there asap. We always aim for a response time of one hour or less for our Newcastle clients.

Once on site we’ll quickly assess the problem and do what’s necessary to get you trading – fast. Most importantly we’ll keep you updated on our progress so you can handle your client’s expectations as efficiently as possible. We hate warm beer as much as anyone and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep the amber nectar flowing! Call us now on 02 4947 7193 for service.

copper beer kettles in a brewery
bar in a brewery

Glycol Beer System Services

Our glycol beer systems are suited to a range of commercial uses in Newcastle clubs, hotels and restaurants.

Beer system services:

  • Beer reticulation system design and installation
  • Beer reticulation system maintenance and repairs – all types
  • 24/7 emergency breakdown service
  • Glycol concentration testing
  • Glycol pump testing, repair and replacement
  • Glycol manifold board upgrades
  • Ice bank servicing and repairs
  • Temprite servicing and repairs
  • Dosatron system installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Beer tap, keg coupler and transfer lead servicing
  • Beer font installation, maintenance and repairs
  • Beer pump installation, repair and replacement
  • Gas board installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Flow back line installation
  • CO2 Monitor installation, testing and repair
  • Beer line cleaning and staff training
glycol tank installed in keg room for beer chilling

Ensure the safety of CO2 storage areas with a CO2  sensor

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a odourless, coulurless gas, with a density of aproximately 60% higher than air. It is commonly used in hospitality venues to carbonate tap beer and post-mix soft drinks. Carbon dioxide is often stored in non-ventilated confined spaces, such as keg rooms and cellars, which can produce a safety hazard if the system develops a leak. High concentrations of CO2 in confined spaces may lead to health problems ranging from nausea, headaches and fatigue to asphyxiation and death. 

CO2 monitors are designed to detect the presence of carbon dioxide in the ambient air to protect people in confined spaces. They have an audible alarm and visual indication which will activate when CO2 concentration reached a pre-set level. Detection of high levels of CO2 will also activate a relay that can be used to operate a fan to ventilate the confined space and reduce CO2 levels in the area.

Due to the risks associated with the use of CO2 in cellar areas, the installation of a CO2 monitor in all non-naturally ventilated areas is a mandatory requirement in order to comply with the Australian Beverage Gas Standard AS5043. A CO2 monitor consists of a sensor installed in the confined space (kegroom or cellar) with repeater modules installed on all access doors to provide an alert if a dangerous concentration of CO2 exists before the room is entered.

If you need assistance with a CO2 monitor for your venue, call Newcastle’s trusted name in beer plumbing and beverage systems. Let Mercury’s CO2 monitor specialists assess your needs and help protect your staff and business.

co2 monitor and repeater for monitoring keg room co2 levels